Find a Fallen Star – Regular Edition

In »Find a Fallen Star«, Regine Petersen uses the stories of meteorite falls as a background for her narratives; a rock crashing through the roof of an Alabama home in the 1950's and hitting a woman, a group of children recovering a meteorite in their village in post-war Germany, and a more recent event in India involving two Rajasthani nomads. Petersen visited the places and the eyewitnesses and delved into their stories, expanding her photographic observations with found documents and interviews. Just as meteorites could be considered time capsules, each chapter encapsulates a specific place in a certain time, questioning the notions of memory and history and the relationship between the ordinary and the sublime.

with an essay by Natasha Christia
3 hardcover books in slipcase / 20 x 25 cm
144 pages / 78 b/w and colour images
published by Kehrer, 2015
€ 50  sold out

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A Brief History of Meteorite Falls

»A Brief History of Meteorite Falls« is a collection of 100 accounts of meteorite impacts and fireball sightings. Some of the testimonies give an insight into a specific mindset within its respective cultural setting, while others simply provide detail that might otherwise remain unknown or be ignored as insignificant. Gathered from various sources and periods of time and presented together in book form, this edited volume offers a particular reading of civilization's complex histories.

softcover / 12 x 16.5 cm / 208 pages (text)
published by Textem, 2014 (1. edition), 2020 (2. edition)
€ 14

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